Forestville in a BLOOM Event with NCCF! Forestville Residents are Invited!

Imagine Forestville and Fredonia Garden Club is excited to announce that they are proudly partnered along with NCCF (Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation) to offer the residents of Forestville, (including approx. ¼ mile past the old Village line), to participate in the NCCF’S FIRST EVER BLOOM program that is promoting front yard gardening for the beauty of our communities!

As we know, the identity of a community lies within our residents and their mark they present on a community’s first impressions not only to each other but also to the visitors by the beauty of their FRONT YARD, GARDENS and homes!

How truly wonderful that NCCF has decided to assist communities with this challenging, rewarding and FUN way to help make communities BLOOM with beauty! Imagine Forestville and Fredonia Garden Club are so happy to have been accepted into this very community minded event!

The challenge is set! Each resident has July 8th – 29th to make their front yard BLOOM! During those dates, representatives from Fredonia Garden Club and Imagine Forestville will drive through the community and decide which front yard has the most eye appealing BLOOM! The committee will look at: Flowers, shrubbery, yard tidiness, trimming, decorations, uniqueness and house address (which is very important for them to see)!

Where do you begin?
MAY: Dig up that soil! Add compost! Plan what you want your garden and front yard to look like!
JUNE: Plant those flowers, mulch, add shrubs and decorations just as you planned!
JULY: Weed and water, spruce up the yard. Be sure your house number is visible!

Smile and take pride in how beautiful your yard and garden look and at a job well done!

JULY 8TH BE READY, but you need to be ready EVERY DAY until JULY 29th!!
So, keep your gardens glorious! You won’t know when we are passing through!

You will be notified if your garden was chosen as outstanding via mail.
If you have any questions, please contact Aimee Rogers-965-4321

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for BLOOM!