Black Belt Advancement Ceremony

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On Wednesday July 24th Sensei Julie Lynn advanced to her Shodan black belt through the Fudozen Shorinji Kempo Karate organization. Officiated by Master Sensei Bill Matteson.

Sensei Julie Lynn has been a member of The Family Martial Arts Center since 2014. As a role model and inspiration to many, she has proven to assist with bright futures in Students. She has been involved in most of our outreach programs to help families and she participated in several of our demonstrations.

Her progression has been exciting and adventurous. The training consists of mental and physical endurance and challenges. One may think the Martial Arts is all physical. Incorrect. Most training is mental. Reading one’s body movements, telegraphing body placements, awareness of surroundings, confidence to make a wise choice, socializing with groups, being able to teach their own individual knowledge to Students with precise accuracy, becoming a role model, using the skills learned in other life obstacles and skills (sports and activities) and to persevere as a young adult. Sensei Julie Lynn’s training consisted in punches, kicks, ground defense and offense, balance in the mind and body, grappling, weapons training and many other aspects of defense.

Sensei Julie Lynn has been active for close to five years in the Kempo martial arts. She also is a teacher in the Karate Kidz Zone Little Dragon program. Julie is the backbone to the success for the Family Martial Arts Center. She is admired and adored by many. And will be a great asset Edition to the organization. As her Master Sensei, I admire her strengths. Sensei Julie Lynn performed with great professionalism and knowledge in the karate expectations. Grand Master Galati participated in the advancement ceremony and was pleased with Sensei’ performance.
Sensei Julie Lynn is a family woman. She adores her 2 children, Kahlil and step-son Cameron. Julie is a graduate of Dunkirk High School. She is employed as a teacher working with animals. Sensei Julie Lynn enjoys nature and being surrounded by animals.
Several of our black belts attended the ceremony along with several students in the organization. I want to thank the Sensei’ Matteson family and friends for supporting her on this day and through the journey. Without the support, this quest would have been very difficult.

In the picture are L_R: Sensei Matt Benware, Sensei Jesse Rosplock, Sensei Jordan Gill, Master Sensei Bill Matteson, Sensei Julie Lynn, Grand Master Jim Galati (creator of the organization), Sensei Ken Charles and Sensei Garrett Catanese.

Kohai = novice level – Sempei = intermediate and advance level – Sensei = advance level and Instructor