whitehats (2)

One of my questions was the significance of the White Hat that a few of the members wore. The answer is that every year Department selects Commanders and Quartermasters that have met certain criteria and gives them a White Hat as an award. Only a handful are given each year so it is a significant achievement. However, as far as the Commander goes, it is a Post award as much as an individual award. Without a lot of people doing their jobs correctly the Commander would never get a White Hat. The Quartermaster, on the other hand, really earns their hat based on their individual performance. The Quartermaster is the bookkeeper of the Post and is audited by the Trustees every month. In addition, there are a variety of reports they must submit throughout the year, and the VFW keeps the QM very busy. QM David Sheldon and CDR Cynthia Mullen worked for 3 years in these positions. Come April 2020, at the 4 year mark Commander Mullen will turn over command of this award winning post in good standing to another Comrade.