Girl Scouts Celebrate Their Founder’s Birthday

summer 2019 152

Girl Scout Troop #20237 recently celebrated the birthday of their founder, Juliette Gordon Low, at a recent meeting.  Her birthday was on October 31.  The girls learned several interesting facts about Juliette, including her nickname growing up was Daisy; she did a handstand every year on her birthday; and she died from breast cancer.  The girls tried a game that Juliette enjoyed when she was young called “pancake flipping.” Everyone had a paper plate with a pancake on it as they tried to flip it and catch it back on the plate, which sometimes did actually happen!  Each girl also made a paper pumpkin craft that contained several facts about their founder.  Following in the motto of girl scouting, “do a good turn daily,” the girls brought snacks to donate to the Dunkirk Public Library snack stash that is for students to enjoy after school. They were presented to Miss Maria, library aide. The troop has been meeting at the library for a couple of years now and wanted to show their appreciation while helping to provide an after school snack for their peers