Black Belt Advancement at The Family Martial Arts Center

Josiah pic

Pictured L-R: Sensei Jordan Gill, Sensei Josiah Cox, Master Sensei Bill Matteson and Sensei Matt Benware.

Sensei Josiah Cox has advanced to his Shodan Black belt on Wednesday February 5, 2020. Sensei Cox has been part of The Family Martial Arts Center in Fredonia next to LA Nails and the D&F Plaza  programs for over 10 years. He began as a Little Dragon at age 6. With his growth in the Martial Arts, he had advanced in to the next level of youth karate. Through he years Sensei Cox has learned several aspects in the Karate knowledge from confidence, balance, self control, advanced movements and techniques, to be a leader with instructing class and many other aspects. Currently Sensei is a Sophomore in the Dunkirk High school. He has goal to attend college after graduation.
Sensei Cox is the son of Teadora and Jonathin Cox from Dunkirk.
We are so proud of Sensei Cox for all his accomplishments, growth and maturity.