Pine Valley Central School Earns 
Technical Endorsements from New York State

Agriculture Teacher Isaac Habermehl and CAD Teacher Shawn Howard

SOUTH DAYTON – Students at Pine Valley Central School will now have the opportunity to earn technical endorsements on their high school diplomas.

The New York State Department of Education recently approved Pine Valley’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Agricultural programs as endorsable career and technical education (CTE) programs. Students who complete the CAD or Agricultural curriculum and pass a technical exam will receive a career and technical endorsement affixed to their diplomas.

“This will open doors for so many Pine Valley students,” says School Superintendent Bryna Booth. “Our staff worked very hard to achieve this endorsement and I am thankful to everyone who helped us pursue such a wonderful opportunity for our students.”

Students must complete three specialized classes in either CAD or Agriculture, along with a Career and Financial Management class in order to receive the technical endorsement at Pine Valley. A passing grade on five regents exams and a technical assessment is also required.

“Students that wish to pursue the technical endorsement can choose between Agriculture or CAD, but they also have the opportunity to take both if they want,” says CAD and Technical Drawing teacher Shawn Howard. “This gives our students more opportunity and control when it comes to their education and future.”

According to the New York State Department of Education, approved CTE programs must contain work-based experiences, integrated or specialized instruction, a work-skills employability profile, technical assessments and data on student performance. It must also be taught by appropriately certified and qualified teachers.

School districts must complete a self-study report, conduct an external review and obtain certification of the Board of Education before a program can be approved by New York State.

“We would not have been able to secure the approval from New York State without the help of community members, local business leaders, the Board of Education, and Pine Valley’s administrative team,” said Agricultural teacher Isaac Habermehl. “Thank you to everyone who had a hand in providing more opportunities for my students.”

The Agricultural program at Pine Valley is taught by Isaac Habermehl, while the CAD program is taught by Shawn Howard. Both were instrumental in bringing this endorsement to Pine Valley.

Pine Valley Central School District received approval on their CTE programs in February. Students will be able to earn the technical endorsement beginning in September 2020.

For more information about Pine Valley’s CTE programs or the endorsement from New York State, please contact Pine Valley Central School at (716) 988-3291.