Chautauqua Business Weekly – May 11

Prepare Now to Restart the Economy

The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier are striving to reopen the economy. Our position is that we need to move with urgency and be pro-active with a goal of restarting the economy as soon as possible, and we must proceed in a way that is responsible to the health and safety of workers and the community as a whole.
The local business community is taking a pro-active role in identifying ways in which their businesses can open safely. The business community takes this responsibility seriously and recognizes that COVID resiliency is not only imperative to re-opening but is critically important to avoiding a resurgence of the disease. Although the ultimate decision resides with the Governor, we must continue to work at the business sector level, local level, and regional level to plan to restart the economy. As we progress through the restart plan, we need to communicate to the Governor that we are ready to open our local economy.
The process of restarting is fluid and there is no defined pathway on how the process will work. However, we need to continue planning and preparing now based on the best guidance we have available and forge the way forward. There are many pieces involved in this process which need to move forward on parallel paths as we strive to reopen the economy in a responsible way. We need to continue to understand data pertaining to the virus, we need to continue to assure that our area possesses adequate testing supplies and is prepared for contact tracing, we need to continue planning within each sector and business within our economy, we need to advocate for our businesses and business sectors to reopen and we need to communicate with our community members and our workforce that it is safe to return to work and circulate back into the economy.
The Governor’s plan as outlined so far will require businesses to: adjust workplace hours and shift design as necessary to reduce density in the workplace; enact social distancing protocols; restrict non-essential travel for employees; require all employees and customers to wear masks if in frequent contact with others; implement strict cleaning and sanitation standards; enact a continuous health screening process for individuals to enter the workplace; continue tracing, tracking and reporting of cases; and develop liability processes.
To assist businesses in the planning process, we are working in partnership with local businesses, the Chautauqua County Visitor’s Bureau, the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency, and Jamestown Community college to develop and provide templates to businesses. Visit our website now for to access templates and guidance that can help you. We encourage each local business to craft a plan that takes all these factors into account so that we can all be prepared when we get the word to move forward in a strategic and responsible way to restart our economy. If you have questions give us a call at 716-484-1101 or 716-366-6200.

The Chamber Can Help Market Your Business

The Chamber of Commerce has redoubled its efforts to help local businesses focus on relevant online marketing, using techniques designed to drive sales.
We have implemented the Shoptauqua Cash Dash – a social media driven series that builds a calendar of local businesses that want to be “dashed” on a given day. This effort is currently aimed at takeout restaurants but can also be helpful with small retailers that may be managing sales for curbside pickup or delivery.
The Shoptauqua Marketing Program takes a deeper dive into Facebook advertising by creating an interactive online system that integrates Messenger and Facebook ads, and is designed to grow your customer base, communicate better with customers to build relationships, and track your return on investment.

Chamber County Executive Breakfast Online June 5

The Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present another online session with a local elected official. Our annual County Executive Breakfast will be held online with County Executive Paul “PJ” Wendel, Friday, June 5 at 8:30am. We encourage all attendees to get up and get out and find your favorite local breakfast or coffee takeout restaurant, and then head home to join us online for this informative event.
Our sponsors for this event are Chautauqua Institution, DFT Communications, Jamestown Mattress Company, Media One Radio Group, OBSERVER, Phillips Lytle LLP, The Post-Journal, Serta Mattress, Southern Tier Environments for Living, University Advancement at the State University of New York at Fredonia, and UPMC Chautauqua. Please support our sponsors and register online for this event. This is free for all to attend, but if you feel inclined the Chamber of Commerce can use your donation at registration at this time to help offset our ongoing expenses.
Questions may be submitted in advance by email to or during the event by using the Question feature in GoToWebinar.