Beauty From 6 Feet Away-2020

Carol, Dave McEntarfer and Aimee Rogers with Garden Recognition Sign Logo for 2020, Beauty From 6 Feet Away

Carol, Dave McEntarfer and Aimee Rogers with Garden Recognition Sign Logo for 2020, Beauty from 6 Feet Away

2020, a year that references vision, but no one saw the Covid19 coming! As most of us were making plans for this unique year number, the virus was making its plan to make this year one that no one will ever forget!

Along with all the cancellations nationally and locally, the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, NCCF, yard and garden recognition called BLOOM was postponed as well. However, a Forestville group, didn’t want to lose the progress made in 2019 and so after much discussion, and with the approval of NCCF to “go it on our own”, Fredonia Garden Club and Imagine Forestville are proud and excited to announce they are teaming up once again to have the second annual yard and garden recognition in the Hamlet of Forestville!

They needed to come up with their own name for this recognition and decided that this year it will appropriately be called: “Beauty From 6 Feet Away! 2020”.

With the help from Dave McEntarfer, Carol McEntarfer and Aimee Rogers a logo of a sunflower wearing a mask was designed, a flyer created and the team of 12 is ready to get started!

The rules to enter are simple. Make your yard and gardens beautiful between July 17 through July 31st when the team walks around the hamlet to see which yards/gardens catches their eyes the most and has the items they will be looking for such as a mowed lawn, flowers, greenery, uniqueness, trimmed bushes, and your house number.

Twenty (20) yards/gardens will be recognized and will be receiving a sign to place in their yard and a gift card to a local business, a gift from Fredonia Garden Club and Imagine Forestville.

The team will be visiting the hamlet two times this year during July. They learned from last year how much gardens can change in just a week or two and they wanted to give each garden a chance to show itself off!

So, “get outside!”, Hamlet of Forestville and get those flowers planted, lawn mowed, bushes trimmed, and have fun! We will be looking for “Beauty From 6 Feet Away!”

The team can’t wait to “See” your yard this 2020 year, and neither can the community!

For more information call: Carol McEntarfer at 965-4262 or Aimee Rogers at: 965-4321.

The Fredonia Garden Club and Imagine Forestville are both local Not for Profit Organizations sponsoring this event.