Best GI Class Ever Challenge

The only way a past graduating class from GI can legitimately claim that they are the BEST CLASS EVER is when they (as a class) make tangible contributions back to the community from whence they came. 

What better way would there be than for a Class to support the Concord Historical Society (CHS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  In doing so, the Class would be helping to preserve their history and culture, and to support those who donate their time and materials to make it happen.

Due to the Pandemic in 2020, the Class of 1965 could not hold its 55th Class Reunion so instead, they looked for an opportunity to undertake a virtual class project together.  Diane Lilga saw a posting on Facebook by Nancy Kane from the Class of 1961 which challenged all of GI’s past graduating classes to support the CHS. That seemed the perfect project for us, and a goal of $1000 was set.  When pledges surpassed this mark in just under 7 hrs from when the email was sent out, Senior Class President, Jeff Mahl said, “we always knew it in our hearts that the Class of 1965 was the BEST CLASS EVER, and this proves it.”   A few days later he was contacted by Nancy Kane from the Class of 1961 who reminded him where the idea actually originated and at that moment, the idea for “THE BEST CLASS EVER CHALLENGE” was born.  It was agreed, that any Class is welcome to share the title, if they too could reach the $1,000 donation threshold by September 1, 2020. 

So, the challenge is now out there to all the past graduating classes of GI.  Your class can also be legitimately called GI’s “BEST CLASS EVER” when they meet the challenge by making a minimum donation of $1,000 to the Concord Historical Society.  Every past graduating Class from GI that meets this challenge will have their name engraved on a plaque displayed at the Heritage Building on Franklin Street.  (To be fair to the classes with reduced membership, any class that has high rates of participation from their members shall be considered).

Check out the CHS website, and see all that’s new:



1.     Any past GI Graduating Class that meets the threshold of $1,000 will share the CHS “BEST GI CLASS EVER” title.

2.     The objective is to maximize the number of classmates in the fund raising process.  Many small gifts far exceeds the benefits of fewer large benefactors. 

3.     To qualify, all donations from individual classmate donors must be by personal check (noting their “Class Year” in the check memo) made out to: 

Concord Historical Society
PO Box 425
Springville, NY 14141