Merging Vets and Players Presents Limited-Edition Coin to Local Business Owner

This limited-edition coin with original artwork by Artist Kristi Nelson, a military spouse whose Marine husband battled COVID19. During quarantine, she created the unique art piece that lives on this coin.
Encircled with MVP’s battle cry “I’ve Got Your Back,” the coin represents the armed forces and professional athlete worlds in unity and resilience under our country’s flag against obstacles faced.
Michael Strahan is front and center as a NFL Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer, leader in the community, and ambassador of Merging Vets and Players.


(Picture above Veteran David Sheldon and Business Owner Jeff Stoltenberg)


Veterans Sheldon and Mullen presented this SHOWCASE COIN #14 of 50 to leading local business owner for his support in the annual POPPY drive 2019.