Village of Mayville Water Distribution

Village officials are providing canned and bottled water for pick-up at the Town of Chautauqua DPW Garage at 50 Patterson Street on Tuesday, December 15th through Friday, December 18th from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4:30 6:30 p.m.  An update for the weekend will be developed and announced later this week.


Please note:

  • Any persons in Isolation or Quarantine for COVID-19 should NOT leave their homes to pick up water. If there is no one available to bring water to you, please call the Health Department at 716-753-4491.
  • All COVID-19 precautions will be taken at distribution including masking and social distancing.
  • Residents must stay in their vehicles.
  • Water will be limited to one (1) case per household per day.
  • Those unable to pick-up water should call John Buxton with the Village of Mayville at 716-269-4801 to make alternate arrangements.
  • Future water distribution dates and sites are being planned.


More information:

  • Water customers and the public will be kept informed on progress to reduce the contamination and when the water is deemed safe for all uses.
  • For information about drinking water and health effects contact NYS DOH Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment at 518-402-7800.
  • For more information about drinking water quality contact NYS DOH Bureau of Water Supply Protection at 518 402-7650.
  • General information is at  E-mail inquiries can be directed to
  • General information on PFAS can also be found at: